Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Keep an Eye on this Story 

Brazilian air disaster, apparently completely unrelated to terrorism, but rather to a bad runaway and terrible weather -- a landing plane, an Airbus A320, crashes into a gas station and a building.

The thing to keep an eye on? What happens to the building? If it's still standing in the morning, then a lot of 9/11 is going to come into question. Why? I'm guessing that the building involved was probably apartments or a business, and probably nowhere near the hundred plus stories of the WTC. If it does not collapse after the combined impact of an airplane and an exploding gas station... well, you do the math.

While not a great event for the victims of the crash (my sympathy to them), what this little accident may reveal to the world about the duplicity of certain officials elsewhere may speak volumes and be priceless.

And it may help prevent the planned false flag bullshiat America is otherwise scheduled to undergo in late July and August -- or, if not preventing that, may foment a revolution in September.

Remain vigilant, always.

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