Saturday, July 14, 2007

Quatorze Juillet Heureux 

Two hundred and eighteen years ago today, the People of Paris had had enough, and they stormed and liberated the Bastille Prison, freeing the seven inmates inside. The attack was largely symbolic, but with major import. The people in the prison were being held on dubious charges, signed by the King and with little basis in reality, but with no chance of appeal.

On this Anniversary of Bastille Day, let us remember the people held incommunicado in
Guantánamo. They are the modern day inmates of the Bastille and, while it's unlikely that we can get a boatload of Americans down to Cuba to free them, we can get an arseload of Americans to call up our Congress Critters and remind them to do what is right. Which is:
  1. End the war in Iraq Now. Bring our troops home. Now.
  2. Impeach the motherfuckers in power -- Cheney, Bush, and their entire cabinet.
  3. Prosecute and imprison as appropriate, pursuant to #2.
  4. Repeal the PATRIOT act, and restore the Constitution.
  5. Set up a guillotine in Washington, D.C. Not necessarily for use, but as a reminder of what can happen when the people in power become too far removed from what the people they lead want.
Two hundred and eighteen years ago, the People of France brought down a monarch who went too far. Two hundred and thirty one years after its founding, the People of America may... no, will... have to do the same.

Liberté. Egalité. Fraternité .

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