Thursday, July 12, 2007

Same BS, Different Day... 

I was going to say the same thing myself, but Michael Rivero at What Really Happened already said it better -- short version, our government has just shot itself in the ass with Michael Chertoff's "hunch" that there will be terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda, regrouped in Afghanistan, over this summer. Anyone with half a brain will realize in two seconds that Chertoff's statements should be the absolute death knell of this administration. That is -- anyone who can ignore the lockstep trumpeting of alleged "truth" now being trumpeted by the mainstream media.

But... there are only two possibilities with Chertoff's warning. Either a) it's true, came from legit sources, and is just what he says it is, or b) it's propagandistic bullshit.

As Rivero points out, our government loses either way.

Let's look at option A. If it's all true, and Al Qaeda has regrouped in Afghanistan and have managed to get over here, then a few things are true. First: Our country has been wasting its energy on the wrong war in Iraq. Our President, as Commander-in-Chief, is guilty of dereliction of duty, and should be court martialed, right after impeachment. Second: everything that the Office of Homeland Security has done to us in the name of protection is utter bullshit. The Patriot Act should be repealed immediately, the Office of Homeland Security should be shut down, and Chertoff should be fired, if not prosecuted. Third: Congress should immediately remove all of our troops from Iraq, send them to Afghanistan, and do what we should have solely concentrated on as of September 12, 2001 -- finding the "real" terrorists". (Although, honestly, hunting down the members of AIPAC in this country would have solved the problem a lot sooner.)

Option B, this is all just more bullshit smoke and mirrors? Well, if that's true, the People of America should ride into Washington, drag every single member of the Administration and Legislature out of office, and hang them from the nearest lamppost, then start over with a selection of leaders chosen by random lottery. Hey -- it works for the jury system, mostly. Why can't it work for the government?

Unfortunately, for a lot of reasons, it seems far more likely that Option B is the truth, and this is just more smoke being blown up our asses in a damn near transparent effort to make Iran the new Public Enemy Number One, and to make American Citizens ever more fearful of... everything.

That dog don't hunt. If our government knows enough to warn about possible terror over the summer, then they know enough to stop it. Otherwise, all the Constitutional Rape to which we've been subjected is complete crap. And, given that they're pointing fingers at some amorphous group in Afghanistan -- which has nothing to do with Muslim-Americans, British Doctors or nursing mothers with more than three ounces of liquid -- really doesn't have more than one sixtieth of a dram of credibility.

"You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie..."

Proposition number one: Every member of this Administration, from the President on down, and every member of Congress, is required to fly on commercial airlines from now through December 31, 2008. Every last one of them must pass through TSA checkpoints anonymously, and any of them who even tries to utter the phrase "Do you know who I am?" will immediately be banished to Sitka, Alaska for a year, without a cell phone or internet access. Second -- every time anyone in the government releases some vague threat alert, all members of Congress and the Administration will be immediately dispatched to the most likely targets. That is, "Chatter indicates dirty bomb in a major city?" Great -- it's commercial flights to New York, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Detroit, Seattle, etc. For all you all to sit it out downtown. Third -- when such "threats" are publicized, all military forces shall be sent to the country so-named, with none of them wasted screwing around in a country that has clearly had nothing to do with terrorism.

Or -- simpler option -- we impeach the clowns in power, repeal the laws they've passed in violation of the Constitution, and vote out any Congress Critter in power who does not adhere to the Will of the People.

Which, as of this writing, is pretty much all of them...

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