Thursday, September 20, 2007

Not This Shit Again 

Memo to America, or perhaps to the mainstream media, who insist on spoon-feeding us this crapola: Nothing celebrities do impact our lives in the slightest. None of them -- Paris, Britney, Lindsay, Phil Spector, OJ -- are news. It doesn't matter, and who the fuck cares?

And yet, over a decade after getting our faces rubbed in it, OJ is all over the news again. Conveniently, it's right after the Phil Spector trial grinds to a halt as the jury deadlocks. And right as the American public needs a juicy distraction from the Administration's attempt to start WW III via Iran. It's enough to make me think that OJ's mystery money is actually coming from the US Treasury, an annuity in exchange for his getting his face in the news whenever an inconvenient government truth needs to be swept under the rug.

Did OJ try to kidnap someone in order to recover stolen property? Who the fuck cares? Was he bailed out on a misdemeanor or held over for a felony? Who the fuck cares. Is he going to jail for life, or retiring to a golf course? WHO THE FUCK CARES?

What gets me is that the crimes, real or imagined, of people of dubious talent who are famous for being famous get more attention than the real crimes of the people entrusted with running this country. If the mainstream media spent one tenth the energy wasted on celebrity crap investigating the bullshit this Administration has fed us from day one, W and Company would have been impeached and imprisoned in April, 2003. There would be no endless quagmire in Iraq, and there would be no Terrorist Problem, because wiser heads would have turned this country away from the very behavior that breeds terrorists.

Memo to the American public: OJ isn't going to show up at your door with a machete, threatening you because you stole his stuff or banged his wife. The personal OJ threat to you is: Absolutely Zero. But... your children are being sent to war, your economy is being plundered, your schools are being ruined, and on and on and on, by the idiots in Washington who are not getting the scrutiny they should.

There's a metaphor for their behavior in all this OJ madness, too. Not five minutes after the possibility of charges were announced on TV, the Goldman family were also on TV, whining to get their hands on any and all of the so-called stolen OJ memorabilia involved. They proved themselves, in this moment, to not give a flying fuck about their dead son. Instead, they are nothing but fame whores and money grubbers. Fred Goldman is as evil as he claims OJ is, and the two of them deserve to just be locked away somewhere cold, dark and far away from TV cameras or public mention ever again.

And the American public deserves far, far more than what our news media has become -- the All Celebrity, All Gossip, All the Time Shitfest of the century. Again, OJ is not news. Demand that the real criminals be brought to justice.

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