Tuesday, September 04, 2007


By the way, I don't know whether anyone else has noticed -- I'm sure I'm not the only one... but September 11th this year is on a Tuesday. It's on a Tuesday for the first time since that most infamous of September Tuesdays in recent memory.

I point this out only because there have been all kinds of rumblings in the ether lately. The Administration wants war with Iran; a false-flag attack would be the way to make it happen. Or, from the opposite side, terrorists are big on repeat targets and anniversaries. Either way, it means that next Tuesday could be a very bad day.

But, if anything happens on that day, refuse to panic, refuse to fear, and remain vigilant. Question everything. If you happen to be near anything that happens, get out your video cameras and start recording and don't give the tape to anyone; publish online. If you're watching the news coverage, make note of every conjecture on the who, how and why, or the what's going to happen (or what did) and when. Become your own investigative committee in real time, the only time the information gathered really matters.

I hope, and I really don't think, anything is going to happen next Tuesday. But, if it does, we need to know two things. One, no one else is going to bother to look into the real story, so we'll have to do it ourselves, live as it's happening, then harp on every discrepancy and oddity endlessly. And Two, either the whole thing is a gigantic engineered event, created by our own government to justify another useless war, or all of the money and time spent eroding your Civil Liberties and creating a police state has been utterly useless against terrorism, and must end immediately. Either of those two scenarios tells us one truth: our entire elected and appointed apparatus, all three branches, need to be kicked out of office immediately, and replaced with the people of our chosing.

Here's to the sixth anniversary of 9/11 being just a pleasant late summer Tuesday, with memorials and remembrances. But most of all, as we remember the people we lost on that day in 2001, let us also remember everything that We the People have lost since then, as well. And let us do our damnedest to get it all back.

"They hit us because they hate our freedom" is the lie. Our government is taking our freedoms because "they" hit us is the truth. Don't let the real terrorists win.

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