Monday, April 28, 2008

Just Let It Go, You Asshats 

Memo to the media: we don't give a flying fuck about Rev. Wright. He is not Obama, Obama is not him, and you've dragged this non-story beyond all reasonableness. At the same time, where were you when W. was consulting with people like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, whose any two utterances go much further off the insanity meter than and fifty speeches by Rev. Wright?

Oh, I know where you were. Fellating Hillary to get her nominated, so that you can play punching bag with the Clintons for another four years. Well, how else to explain your silence on her association with Jorge Cabrera, coke-dealing friend of Fidel Castro?

Well? Any answers on that question?


But of course.

It's real simple here, folks. Your Mainstream Media are as prejudiced as any Plantation Owner of the 1850s, but they can't admit that in public so, instead, they try to tar Obama with the scant brush of a preacher whose church he once attended.

Hey -- my grandma was Catholic. Does that mean I agree with every word to drip out of Pope Ratzo's Nazi mouth? Hell no.

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