Sunday, April 13, 2008

Republicants vs. Taxocrats 

For as many stupid ideas as Republicans regularly crank out, I have to offer up a major biatch-slap to the left-wing idiots who put out just as stupid ideas. To wit, state Democratic assemblyman Jim Beall should be booted out of office now just for suggesting the concept of a heinous Beer Tax.

In fact, all elected officials should be forever stripped of the power to levy any new tax, or even suggest the idea. The only way any tax increase should occur is if We, the People, approve it by a super majority of 66%. And, on top of that, any legislator who suggested a new tax that does not pass should immediately be removed from office the morning after their legislation is rejected by the voters.

Jim Beall should have been buried up to his neck in sand long ago, and left to the mercy of the elements. What a total dickwit he is.

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