Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Right Protest, Wrong Country... Idiots 

I have to admit that I am very amused by the travails of the Olympic Torch as it tries to make its way from Greece to China, only to be thwarted at every turn by those protesting China's fascistic abuse of Tibet, a country that should be left alone. There's absolutely no question in my mind that the protesters are right, and China should be shamed into getting the hell out of Tibet. I secretly cackle with glee in thinking that the 2008 Olympics may turn into the same PR nightmare for China that the 1980 Olympics did for Moscow. Yes, it's hard to focus the world on yourself when all your dirty laundry is hanging out in public.

However... the folk here in the US who are trying to douse the torch are taking the easy way out. Sure. Lets criticize those old men in gray suits across the Pacific who cannot attempt any retribution at all upon us, other then flooding our markets with baby toys laden with lead and BPAs. Lets gleefully thumb our noses at the country with the funny alphabet that just can't quite get itself out of being a second world nation, despite its population.

And... lets concentrate our wrath on them, while ignoring all the far more heinous crimes of several other countries that are much more nearer and dearer to our hearts.

China oppresses Tibet? Sure. That's bad. What about what the US has done to Iraq, and wants to do to Iran? What about what Israel is doing to Palestine, and will continue to do so with the money and blessings of the US? What about what your own government has done to You, the People, and to the Constitution over the last seven years?

What about re-directing the energy focused on a meaningless stick on fire being trotted about in support of an anachronistic sports orgy, and instead focusing it on the real important things -- deposing our imperial government, all of it, from the President through Congress and the Supreme Court -- wiping the slate clean, turning out the useless vermin in power (and trying them for their many, many war crimes), re-establishing the Constitution as the only law of the land, and restoring America to what it used to be, to what it might be again if only we can flush fascism from the halls of power.

I'm not big on biblical shit, but a certain quote comes to mind here -- paraphrased, why complain about the mote in your neighbor's eye when you can't see the tree trunk in your own?

In other words... yeah. China oppresses Tibet, bad. If you're a real American, who cares, as long as we have the Jackals at our Gates? Dump the local monsters first, then police the planet. It's the only way to make it work, the only way to survive.

After all... this Administration has a history of kissing China's ass. Why not? There's big money in the Asian market. (Remember how fast W. caved over the crashed spy plane issue pre-9/11? Of course you don't. But he spread 'em faster than a two dollar whore when he shouldn't have, basically inviting China to steal all our high tech secrets.) You think BushCo. will give a damn and listen to you complaining about Tibet? Hell no. The only reason W. won't go to Beijing for the opening is because it's a long trip and involves having to deal with Asian people. Plus, it's summer; he'd rather take a month off to chop wood.

But... you think the powers that be will pay attention when you remind them that there's a Second Amendment and Why?

Hell yes. Stop chasing that meaningless torch of the Olympics, and instead chase after the eternal Torch of Liberty. Here and now.

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