Friday, August 08, 2008


Dammit... the Olympics represent the best of this planet, and they have for 2,784 years. Watching the finale of the opening ceremonies tonight, it made me hope that divisions between countries or people on this planet can be eliminated. The Olympics were begun by the first great experiment in Democracy, Greece, nearly three thousand years ago. The modern Olympics began 112 years ago, but have brought the world together every four years, except when events were cancelled due to war. And is it any coincidence that presidential elections coincide with Olympic years? Pan et circences, or something else?

Anyway... watching China's finale to their opening ceremonies, in which the torch is lit, made me think "Wow. They aren't really that different than us. Spectacle, check. Hero worship, check. Goddamn bells and whistles? Check, check, check.

Hard to expect less from a country with over a billion people, eh?

I am beginning to think that the only hope for the 21st century is the elimination of all borders, the abandonment of fear.

If only the People can pull that off....


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