Sunday, August 10, 2008

Georgia, Georgia... 

I can't help but wonder whether current events in Georgia are actually the result of some behind-the-scenes quid-pro-quo deal between the US and Russia. To wit: the US really wants to invade Iran, but Russia stands in the way, due to economic deals with Iran. Meantime, Russia is having problems with Georgia (birthplace of Stalin) but really can't do anything about it without looking like the bad guy.

By way of illustration, please note that before Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, he was given implicit permission by the US to do so. He invaded, which gave us the excuse to bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iraq... (Thank you, John McCain. Douchebag.)

So, a scenario... Russia wants to take care of its Georgia problem, can't engineer an excuse. (The Opera House siege was Chechens, not Georgians.) Understanding US/Israeli intent toward Iran, not really wanting to get into that pissing contest, and having arranged things so that the US cannot possibly profit (via oil) from a war with Iran, they make a deal. "Convince the Georgians that you will support them militarily, they will do something stupid like attack us, you renege with your help, and we have the excuse to invade the country, a 'war' that will probably last a month at most."

This is the optimist's view of history. Why? Because the other version -- that the US really did goad Georgia into attacking Russia
with full intent of backing them while plotting a unilateral strike on Iran -- ally of Russia and China -- could only have been conceived of by a flaming idiot, a born again douche-bag who couldn't care less whether he destroyed the world, because some dead Jewish Zombie who was his own father anointed him president and will come back if all this insanity happens.

But, no. Nobody could really be so absolutely stupid as to believe any of that shit. Could they?

Pray for November, 2008. Pray harder for January, 2009.

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