Monday, September 29, 2008

Nancy Pelosi Can Kiss My Ass... 

As the House prepared to vote for the Wall Street Welfare Bill, Speaker Pelosi did everything in her power to bully Representatives into voting for the Bill, and seemed personally stricken when it failed to pass. And I have to ask myself, "How badly is your portfolio going to tank if your fat cat buddies don't get their Trillion Dollars? How big is the conflict of interest in letting our millionaire leaders contemplate -- and vote for -- the future of their millions? How long can those members who have a conscience and a spine hold out before they talk to their broker, think of their children, and quietly sell out?"

Nancy Pelosi is a traitor and should be kicked out of office in November. Cindy Sheehan wouldn't take this crap. Then again, Cindy Sheehan isn't a millionaire. And there's the point. Most of us middle class working stiffs really have no stake in the companies begging for a bailout. If they all failed, the only thing it might affect is any corporate retirement plan you're in -- but if you're under 45, you really don't have to worry. Those will come back by the time you need them. No, most of us working stiffs might have government bonds, or mutual funds that invest in the same, or maybe a CD or a savings account. All of those are already heavily insured, and we have no real fear of losing our petty fortunes of far less than a million dollars. But... there is real danger to us if this bill passes, because it instantly puts all of the working class into $ 5,000 of debt.

$ 5,000. And what do you get for it? Not a fucking thing. Except maybe the knowledge that you made someone with far too much money able to keep their summer house in the Hamptons, or the Lear Jet, or their five illegal alien nannies, or that apartment they rent for their mistress in Georgetown, or the Jaguar that gets twelve miles to the gallon, or on and on and on and on.

The problem is greed. The desire to have more than you can ever possibly need. Honestly, all anyone really needs is enough money to pay for a home, food, a couple of children or pets, clothes, the occasional splurge, weekly dinner or a movie with friends, a nice vacation once a year. That's really not much. And it's really something the US could achieve for everyone, once our lawmakers recognize one simple fact.

The US has not produced anything tangible for a good 15 years, except for fast food and entertainment. And another term for fast food and entertainment is Panem et circenses -- bread and circuses, the diversions offered to the people of Rome as the Empire was falling.

Well, the Roman Empire fell, but I don't want to have to say that the American Empire was pushed. This Corporate Welfare Bill -- for that's exactly what it is -- would be the push that shoves our empire over the edge and into the abyss. It is the action that will bring about the end of America as we knew it. Remember the USSR and what happened to it in 1991? Remember how Russia arose from the ashes of the former Soviet Union? That's right. The first thing they did was expel or arrest the so-called Oligarchs -- those who made money from nothing.

Money from nothing, and the tricks are free. As noted above, America has produced nothing tangible except for Fast Food and Entertainment. And, even then... fast food has destroyed a generation, created fat, brain-addled, stupid children prone to diabetes and hyperactivity. Our Entertainment has become nothing but an exercise in marketing, as every old idea that worked once is recycled and "repurposed", and every new film must out kick-ass its predecessor. And studios will risk $ 100 million if they think it will bring back $ 300 million. But they will shy away from spending $ 10 million that may bring back $ 50 million. They are short-sighted idiots.

Otherwise, when not slinging burgers or bad movies, America has been peddling electrons (which went very well during the Dot.Bomb bust and is turning grandmothers into felons in the DMCA era) or less. And manufacturing of durable goods and customer service have escaped to other countries, were lack of regulation and favorable exchange rates have made things cheaper.

Unfortunately, in order to reverse course and get America back to what she once was, we're going to have to bankrupt the billionaires, deny them their handout, and start the system over. If this turns our Congresscritters into the middle class, so be it. All the better for them to appreciate our plight and empathize with the poor. All the better for them to finally understand and vote the right way.

First, any company that outsources anything should be penalized by loss of all tax deductions and exemptions. They pay the full rate, period. And any company that creates jobs by manufacturing durable goods in the US receives incredible tax incentives, on the Federal and State level.

Second, the salary of corporate officers is tied to 75% of the salary of the President. No bonuses, no golden parachutes, no stock options. And the salary of the President can only be increased by a super-majority of the voters. However, corporate officers are entitled to the same tax exemptions and deductions that their companies enjoy, provided that their company created X number of jobs for Americans per calendar year. Let's say.... 10,000?

Third, the Federal Reserve is abolished, and the value of the dollar is tied to a tangible and finite asset, with the initial value of the new dollar set at approximately the cost of one gallon of gas, with the new dollar minted exclusively by the US Mint, in gold equal by weight to the pegged commodity. All existing currency is revalued based on the new dollar, with a cut-off date for redemption of cash. Bank accounts are instantly revalued at the new rate. If you had five grand in the bank, congratulations. You now have about $ 18K.

Fourth, Income Tax is abolished on every level, replaced by property tax, except that everyone is entitled to one acre tax free. In other words, If you own less than one acre of land (or one acre per person resident thereon), you don't pay any taxes. If you own more, you pay a rate of 10% per value of land plus improvements. For purposes of calculating the tax, students at a university or employees at a company count against the acreage. In other words, a university with a 5,000 acre campus but more than 5,000 students would pay no taxes, nor would a company with 15 acres and 16 or more employees.

Fifth, all non-profit organizations are barred from making any recommendations on voting, whether for ballot measures or candidates. Any such organization which does so loses property tax exemptions, and owes back income taxes from inception of the ban on income taxes, plus penalties and interest.

Sixth, our entire government needs an enema, and all incumbents must be flushed out of office from the top down. Especially those with a D or R after their names. Consider voting third party in November. If enough of us have the balls to do it, we may legitimatize third party candidates for 2010.

Seventh -- there is no seventh, except to read the other six. And realize therefrom why you have to call you Congresscritter tomorrow and urge them to vote "No" on the "bailout."


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