Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dump Her Sorry Ass Already... 

Tonight, Nancy Quisling Pelosi declared, "We sent a message to Wall Street - the party is over..."

Well, you know what Nancy "Impeachment Is off the Table" Pelosi? No, no you didn't. The message you sent to Wall Street is "Don't worry. If you fuck up and run your company into the ground, we'll give you free money."

This bailout bill is nothing but Corporate Welfare, and it cannot stand, cannot be passed. Do you love America? Do you love Capitalism? Well, know what? In a true free market system, a company that over-extends itself, that puts out more than it has capitalized and can't make good, fails. Period. No bailout, no dipping into the well of the People's Money. Game over, you cease to exist as an entity, don't let the doorknob hit you in the ass.

All of you people who have incredible credit card or mortgage debt and don't know how you'll pay for it -- don't you wish the Federal Government would wave their magic wand and say, "Hey, that's okay. We'll pay for all your debt and give you a couple of ten grand over that amount"? Of course you do. But they won't. And yet, that's exactly what they're doing for all the craven bandits of Wall Street. "Oh. Your company put out more money than you can possibly take in? Poor baby. Here are billions of dollars so your CEO's can retire tomorrow with huge golden parachutes."

Well... bullshit. All of those corporate CEOs deserve to be personally responsible for every penny they've stolen from us, and rather than hanging from golden parachutes, they should be hanging from lamp-posts, all up and down Wall Street. And any member of Congress -- and I mean any, including Presidential Candidates -- who vote for this ill-intentioned bailout bill should be voted from office, then run out of the country. And yes, although I supported him last week, if Obama votes for this raping of the American Taxpayer, then he loses my vote for president. Period. End of story. I'm going third party, consequences be damned.

Get on the phone, get on your fax machine. Send your Congresscritters this simple message. "Vote for this bailout now, be voted out in November. Be voted out the next time you're up for election. Be replaced by someone who isn't sucking the teat of banking or Wall Street special interests. Be replaced by someone who remembers whom they work for -- We the People."

Find your Congresscritters here and here. Call them, fax them. Those are the only methods of contact that are not ignored. Tell them we're mad as hell, we're not going to take it anymore, and voting for any form of bailout is political suicide. Help the bankers today, face our pitchforks tomorrow. It's as simple as that -- we're almost to the point where this country can only be saved by another revolution. One vote away from our elected officials proving that they are absolutely useless. Do not let this happen.


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