Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Seven Year Itch 

Welcome to 9/11/08, America. Now pay no attention to the bullshit being shoveled at you by the media on this Patriot Day. You want to really celebrate the seventh anniversary of 9/11 in the proper manner? Then enjoy your freedoms, and fight for them when they're infringed by this government that hates them.

Flying today and some TSA screener gets pushy? Tell them to go fuck themselves, and show you in writing where they're authorized to grope your traveling companion/confiscate your stuff/act like an asshole.

Write a letter or an email to your elected representatives today -- from local council beast all the way up to President. Remind them that, as a voter, you're their boss. Tell them all the ways you would have fired them -- or compliment on the (probably rare) reasons you wouldn't have.

Get angry, get mad, do something. If you want to honor the people lost on 9/11, then you will forever fight the gigantic mass of bullshit that has been thrown in our faces since then. Demand a real investigation into what happened on that day. Demand to know -- if we were supposedly under attack by terrorists hijacking airplanes, if we had no clue it was going to happen, if there was an airport near a publicized appearance of the president -- demand to know why the Secret Service did nothing to remove George W. Bush from an elementary school in Florida, instead letting him sit and read about a pet goat with children for at least ten minutes after the first attack. Ask them whether they knew what was happening, so knew that the President was in no danger.

Ask why, for the first time in history, not one but three steel framed buildings were felled by fire -- two of them within an hour, one of them within a day. Ask why this happened, even though many, many steel framed skyscrapers have burned far longer without collapsing.

Ask why Congress passed the Patriot Act without reading it, and ask why that behemoth of a bill was written long before 9/11 -- an event "no one could have foreseen" according to Condi Rice.

Ask why this current Administration lied this country into an illegal war (it was never declared by Congress), changed the lies several times, and lies to this day about the "success" in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ask why this current Administration seems hell bent on nuking Iran and starting WW III with Russia when the American army is tied up in unwinnable ground wars.

Ask why the hell anyone in their right mind would vote Republican in November, then get your ass down to the polls as an observer to make sure those petty bastards don't try to steal it for the third time.

Ask why W and Cheney should not be indicted for war crimes the second their terms expire in January 2009 -- and ask what the hell you're going to do if this country continues down the Nazi-Fascist rabbit hole by ushering in a disastrous McSame/Palin era in 2009.

Patriot Day? The real patriots are the ones who know the difference between blind stupidity and standing up for principals. Real Patriots are the ones who know why the Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights. Real Patriots are the ones who will act like the Founding Fathers when necessary, and rebel when required.

Real Patriots will remember this 5th of November if Barack Obama is not the man chosen to take the White House in January. Real Patriots will rebel, riot, revolt to save America -- and we will remember 9/11 not as some tribute to fascism stealing America but, rather, as Liberty Holding her beacon high to remind us that we still need to fight.

Yes -- the Nazis in our midst call it "Patriot Day" -- but they forget that the Patriots of today were the traitors of their time. Give me Patrick Henry or give me escape to Costa Rica. We don't need McSame anywhere near power. We don't need Mooseolini either.

We need to give W, Cheney et al a visit to the injustice used to shut Saddam up before he spilled the beans on what good buddies he was with Cheney, the US et al in the 70s.

In short -- it's employee review time for these assholes in Washington, and time for spring cleaning. The only viable option for all of them right now is termination. The only severance being their heads from their necks.

Be a patriot. Save America. Purge the scum.

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