Monday, September 08, 2008

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Palin 

If you're a woman, Sarah Palin is not on your side, period. But first, a hypothetical scenario...

Your house is burglarized. Window smashed, electronics, cash and jewelry stolen. Police Detectives seal off the scene of the crime, dust for fingerprints, check for other biometric evidence, and interview neighbors to investigate the crime. Then, when they're done, they hand you, the victim, a bill for all of that investigation.

Pretty outrageous, isn't it? And yet, this is exactly what the Wasilla Police Department did under Sarah Palin's rule -- and it was definitely her rule, as this quote from Wikipedia shows: "As mayor of Wasilla, Palin was in charge of the city Police Department consisting of 25 officers, and Public Works.

It was her police chief,
Charlie Fannon (the man she picked to replace the one she fired because she was on a power trip she thought he didn't support her) who decided that women rape victims should have to pay for the cost of their own rape kit.

Let me say that again: the police chief chose to make victims pay for the cost of investigating their crimes -- at least in one category of crime. Not burglary, not assault, not murder. But rape. Charlie Fannon decided and Sarah Palin tacitly approved that women in Wasilla should have to pay money for the privilege (ahemn) of being sexually assaulted.

In allowing this action, Sarah Palin was -- and is -- a traitor to her gender and an enemy of women everywhere. She makes much of family values, but her sole family value seems to be that women are chattel, property, breeding stock, inferior, meant to get married and knocked up repeatedly and, in the case of rape, to politely lie back and take it, then thank the man as he's zipping up his pants.

She seems to think this applies to all women, everywhere, except her, because she's the fucking princess who's going to be queen, and don't anyone forget it.

But we can't forget it. This woman is Bush in Lipstick; Cheney in Heels. She is not a pit bull, nor a vulture, nor even a shark. This woman is a tapeworm, dwelling in the bowels of her host, sucking the life out of it, thriving in shit -- and every so often pulling her head out of her host's ass long enough to catch a ride on the next bigger ass to come along, to then dive in and suck the muck dry for all it's worth, all the while destroying those she thinks are out to get her and betraying her own kind. You get no loyalty with Sarah Palin, unless you're willing to kiss her ass. You don't get it if you're a Republican, you don't get it if you're an Alaskan. You certainly don't get it if you're a woman, and you definitely don't get it if you're an American. She has betrayed every group, the latter -- all of us -- by having been a secessionist. And yes, she never officially joined the party, but that was the only aspect of that movement she missed.

It's as if the North America of the 1860s were rotated 180 degrees, and all the assholes wound up in the far northwest instead of the south. And perhaps they did between the 1860s and the 1960s. Oh. Am insulting an entire state? Sorry, Alaska. You gave us Palin, and now I can understand exactly how the rest of the world feels about the US.

Her madness was eventually stopped, when Democratic Governor Tony Knowles signed a law specifically outlawing the practice of charging women for their own rape kits, once again proving that the only party that cares about women is the Democratic Party. Period.

Being a Republican is enough to make a woman betray her entire sex. That alone should tell you everything that is wrong with that institution; why anyone who truly believes their twisted ways ought to be institutionalized.


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