Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well Played, Sir 

Despite my still thinking that Governor Rod Blagojevich was set up and his arrest only happened because he pissed off B of A, President-Elect Obama did the right thing in calling for his resignation immediately after the arrest. From the get-go, it shows that he is not a partisan hack, and he will not tolerate corruption from any elected official. His announcement also comes as the Voice from the Mountain. If Blagojevich does not resign, he will be removed. His political career is over.

Contrast this with the likely reaction of a Republican President -- indeed, the reaction we have seen in the past; to "stand by" the accused, deny any wrong-doing, then silently offer a pardon after the conviction, as long as the accused has an "R" after their name.

The one victim in this is Jesse Jackson, Jr., aka "Candidate Number 5". However, since he's been flogging his email list with "I should be the one" emails since Obama's resignation, I have little sympathy. Jackson was campaiging for his own interests out of a sense of entitlement based on his father's reputation, and it can only be a good thing if he is inadvertently taken out of the picture by this scandal.

The final upshot is this: President-Elect Obama has just proven that not only does he possess the best attributes of our best Democratic Presidents, he also possesses the most annoying trait of the Republican Saint Reagan -- he is another teflon President. The difference? Reagan's immunity to scandal came from his glib and shallow ability as the Great Communicator. Already, Barack Obama has proven that his comes from the rarer Jeffersonian ability of substance over style. Yes, he is probably the greatest communicator we have seen elected to this office. But he also acts -- and in cutting off a failed member of his own party at the knees at the merest hint of scandal, he has proven already that we're about to see the most ethical Administration since... well, the early days of the Republic.

Thirty-nine days until his full powers are unleashed. I can't help but think that we are going to see some absolutely amazing things happen come January 20, 2009.

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