Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ahnuld -- Go... 

I'm reminded of a time when Gray Davis was recalled because electricity prices got too high. Never mind that California was in budget. Republican ass-hats sold Californians on the idea of recall, and we wound up with a third rate actor in office.

And... net result? Der Governator has fucked this state to the Nth degree, to the point that we're all going to get IOUs instead of tax refunds next month. His solution? Tax the shit out of us.

Well... enough. The state wants to give me an IOU on my refund? Fine. They're going to get an IOU when I file my taxes. But, more importantly, it's time to dump the motherfuckers already. Ahrnold screwed the pooch. If we could dump Gray Davis because DWP bills went up, then we should be able to dump the Governator for this little fiasco.

Time, once again, for a recall. What? The state can't pay for it? Yes, we can -- if we pull the salaries of every state employee, apply them to the recall and new election. California is the fifth largest economy in the world, far above many countries. We wouldn't be broke without major mismanagement. We know who mismanaged us.

It is time for Arnold to go. It is time for every elected official in this state to go. It is time for taxing authority to be returned to the people, and not the state. Time for budget reform.

Here's my modest proposal. Every standing official in California is kicked out of office, to be replaced in a general election. All new taxes, fees or fines can only be passed by a two thirds vote of the people. And the budget works like this: all government entities get X amount of budget starting in fiscal 2010. If they're below that amount in 2011, it's added to their budget. If they're above it, it's deducted. In other words, Entity A gets a 10 billion dollar budget for 2009-2010. In 2010, if they've spent 9 Billion, their budget for 2011 is 10 Billion plus the difference of 1 billion, so 11 billion. However, if they've spent 11 billion, their budget for 2011 is 10 Billion minus 1 billion, or 9 billion.

It makes it simple. Entities that can stay below budget get more money. Those that can't gradually price themselves out of existence. And no elected official has any control over budgeting, period.

And, for all Californians who owe taxes -- send those fuckers an IOU. "I'll pay you when I have the money, thank you very much."

And Recall Arnold Now. He's obviously fucked us over twenty times from Tuesday, and deserves to have us go all Sarah Connor on his sorry ass. Terminate the Terminator. Period.

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