Thursday, February 12, 2009

Douchebaggery Ahoy... 

Open letter to my State Senator and Rep in California... people who are about to push us over a cliff and kill us as a State...

I learned tonight with some dismay of the proposals being considered by California State Government in order to come to a budget agreement, and am writing to express my extreme disapproval of any and all attempts to increases taxes, fees or other compulsory payments made by the People of this State.

The budget did not sail into deficit territory because the People were not paying enough taxes. They landed in red ink because of mismanagement, pure and simple. With an unemployment rate of nearly 10%, California cannot afford to further tax its citizens. If anything, this is the time to cut taxes and fees across the board, from the bottom up. Nothing will stimulate the economy more than the poor and middle classes with more money to spend. Nothing will kill it faster with the poor and middle classes taxed to death, while the rich exploit their loopholes.

I strongly urge you to oppose any and all tax increases in the state budget now being considered and, instead, to solve the problem by cutting spending and taxes.

In the real world of real people, spending beyond your means leads to extreme debt, bankruptcy and, sometimes, homelessness. We don't have the option of forcing our employers to give us raises on demand, and then spending far more than we make anyway, only to go back to the company well for more money. In other words, we do not get rewarded for failure. State Agencies and employees should not be rewarded either.

I offer a simple solution to the current problem:
1) Determine all income from all sources for the next FY.
2) Calculate the percentage of budget for all State expenditures for the last FY in which the budget was balanced.
3) Allocate the funds calculated in #1 based on the percentages calculated in #2.
4) Any agency that comes in under budget has that amount added to the next year's budget. I.E., if an agency was funded for $ 1 Billion and only spent $ 900 Million in year one, their next year's budget adds the difference, and is $ 1.1 Billion. If they go over budget, then the next year's budget subtracts the difference. I.E., if they were funded for $ 1 Billion and spent $ 1.1 Billion, then their next year's budget would be $ 900 Million. Consider it Darwinism applied to economics -- ineffecient agencies will work themselves out of existence.
This, combined with major cuts in taxes and fees, will solve the current "Crisis" and, as always, present California as a state to watch for innovative ideas and solutions. Otherwise, the Governor and Legislature is just going to do to California what George W. Bush did to the nation -- destroy it in an economic firestorm not seen since the Great Depression.

Thank you for considering my suggestions.

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