Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clinton's Penis Flies Again 

So... Air Force One flies over New York and Mayor Bloomberg gets his panties in a twist and this is news... why? While a possibly ill-advised move by Director of the White House Military office Louis Caldera, what Mayor Pissy Pants fails to mention is that the NYPD and an un-named City official were informed of the photo op before the fact. The failure to pass that information along to the Mayor, therefore, is the fault of his own people, and not of the Obama White House. indeed, President Obama was not privvy to the mission and was royally pissed himself when he heard about it.

But, short version -- the failed Neocons are playing the clutching at straws game here. Ooh -- a well marked and very recognizable aircraft flew around New York City. Booga booga.

Anyone want to address the more important question -- as in, human beings were tortured under the aegis of the Bush-Cheney administration, in violation of international law? If Mayor Bloomberg were anything but a partisan hack, he'd have his tampon in a twist over that, and be howling for the blood of the War Criminals who recently occupied the White House. His feigned offense over this incident just paints him as another NeoCon asshole, and this insincere Obama-bashing is just a repeat of the Mantra of the 90s -- "B-b-b-ut... Clinton's Penis!"

Stop your obsession with the Presidential cock, you morans. If you were real patriots, you would be helping this new Administration fix all the shit that happened to this country from January 2001 to January 2009. But, hey -- that would require you to act like grown-ups.

Ooh -- scary plane. Pardon me while I shit myself.

Get the fuck over it already. If New York City's own officials had done their job, they would have spared Mayor DoomAndGloomberg the opportunity to take a big dump and then gloat about it. If anyone needs to be spanked over this incident, it's the Chief of the NYPD.

After all, Obama's plane didn't take out any buildings. That's a lot more than can be said of the Bush/Cheney express of 2001.

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