Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hope for Humanity... 

I am no big fan of reality shows, but Susan Boyle is the right person at the right time... not attractive by conventional means, laughed at initially by her audience, but the second she opened her mouth, she showed us the true beauty of humanity. With pure passion and raw talent, she is a living example of the true potential, and the true inner beauty, of our species. By the shallow counts of mass media humanity, she's a loser. Over 40, a virgin, not attractive... a reject in most shallow estimations. And yet -- not one note out of her mouth, and she won over the audience and judges of Britain's Got Talent. And she's no fluke. Witness her a capella performance on Larry King Live: Wow.

Susan Boyle will live on in history. This woman has talent, guts and no fear, and should be an inspiration to us all. She is truly a Secular Saint -- someone who, by refusing to adhere to society's standards in pursuit of her dream, has achieved her dream already.

Normally, I would dismiss realty show stars. In this case I can't. Susan Boyle will have as big an effect on history as Gandhi or Mother Teresa. She is a living example of the little people grabbing power by the nose and saying, "Hey, guess what? We are the ones you should pay attention to." And how appropriate that her debut to the world would be a song from a musical based on the French Revolution. It's just about French Revolution time again, and Susan Boyle has unintentionally fired the opening shot over the bow of the mainstream media.

She has touched us all, and those of us with hearts will follow. Our hearts will go on. This decade has found its muse in an unlikely place -- in a commoner with heart, talent and passion.

Susan Boyle -- you are a winner. Period. Our hats are off to you.

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