Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Zero Tolerance... for the Stupid 

Parents, when are you going to say "Enough"? You pay the property taxes that fund the schools, you vote for the board members, you control the horizontal and the vertical. How many more times do we have to read stupid stories like this one, in which an otherwise outstanding student is expelled because some administrator has their head far up their ass and can't think outside the box?

It is far past time for a parent revolt, and there's a very simple way to make your concerns felt -- deeply -- in the schools. Some student gets expelled for pretending that a Tic Tac is a Xanax? Well... keep your kids home for the day or the rest of the week, then letter bomb the asshat who made the decision. Let them know that your child is not going to school today because the morons in charge have no sense of perspective. Thrill in the fact that the school loses money for every day that your student is not there, to be indoctrinated as a mindless drone.

Lather, rinse, repeat, as often as necessary.

The thing is that we have to remind the asshat school administrators who their employers are. They do not work for the government. They work for the parents, and all of the residents of their district, who pay their salaries. Parents of school age kids, you are not the servants of the administrators. It's the other way around. The sooner you realize that the better.

It's hard enough to raise a child nowadays. Why should it be made harder because "A" students can have their future success severely impaired for bringing an aspirin or nail clippers or a Tylenol or a plastic butter knife or any one of a million innocuous things to school? Why should we allow our children to be judged by people who were so incapable of success at real life that they had to resort to jobs as school administrators?

Remember how we all thought the Vice Principals and Deans and Principals of our schools were complete losers who couldn't get laid with a fistful of fifties in a whorehouse in Nevada? Well, we were right then, and we're right now. These people have no business judging our children, who are in the schools to learn. The sooner we hand them their asses on a silver platter and take back control of our schools, the better.

But that means that you, the parents, must get involved. When you encounter a dillhole decision like the one in the story above, do something. Protest, write letters, call representatives, keep your kids out of school. Fight for the right to make your own decisions about your child's upbringing. If the schools won't listen, march their leaders to the symbolic guillotine.

The point is, Zero Tolerance is bullshit. Time to raise hell against it. Time to take back the school systems, and your children's futures. Time to be good parents. Fight for your kids, and don't roll over. You owe nothing less to the future.

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