Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Attention Whores 

Okay. Enough of this Miss California pageant bullshit. Carrie Prejean should have been dumped as soon as she expressed her bigoted opinions, and definitely should have been dumped once it was revealed she breached he contract by concealing the existence of revealing pix and spent time spouting off against same sex marriage when she should have been working for the pageant. There are only two reasons Donald "Irrelevant in the 80s" Trump kept her on. 1) He's thinking with the little Trump Tower; 2) He knows that this scandal will keep his sorry ass in the news for weeks.

As Miss California, Carrie Prejean is supposed to represent the state.
She pretty much proved herself to be on the side of the ignorant farm county bigots when she opened her yap, and moreso when she found it more important to work anti Same-Sex Marriage rallies, instead of appearing at contractually required Beauty Pageant events. This story should have been over weeks ago, but unfortunately Trump, the ultimate Attention Whore, has decided to keep the wound open.

Well, here's my response to Trump and Prejean: You're Fired. Get the hell out of the media, slink on back to your conservative cave somewhere deep beneath the Times Square Subway Stations, and never be heard from again. We really have more important shit to worry about than some has-been, toupeed, Ponzi-scheming New York asshole and a mindless blonde haired fundie spewing bimbo whose only qualification is "Look at my tits!"

Note to the so-called mainstream media -- if you want to end your slide into irrelevance, you'll ignore stories like this, and get back to the important stuff, like what did Nancy Pelosi know about torture and when, will we try the war criminals of the past administration, will Dick Cheney get the Mussolini treatment?

Anything else is irrelevant and pointless, and I feel dirty just having to blog about it. Carrie Prejean belongs in a trailer park in Arkansas, and Donald Trump deserves to be Oprah's bitch boy on a regular Wednesday Segment between her hyping new age bullshit artist Dr. Oz and clueless shit stain Jenny McCarthy.

in a just universe, most of the above mentioned people would be unknowns. in a just universe, Barack Obama would have been elected president at the first possible opportunity, in 1996.

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