Sunday, September 27, 2009

Your Tax Dollars at Shirk 

{Update]: To clarify, do I think that Roman Polanski committed a terrible crime in drugging and raping a teenage girl? Yes. Do I think he should be forgiven because he's made some good movies? Hell no. Do I think it's ridiculous that the US is trying to extradite him for his crimes now? Yes -- but only because his victim has made it clear that whenever he winds up in the news, she does, so any attempts at prosecution only make her the victim all over again.

Polanski has not repeated his crimes, that we know of. Nor has he attempted to return to the US. Sure, we can throw him in jail now, but at the expense of exposing his victim -- and now her children -- to further media scrutiny, in effect raping her and her family again and again.

But forgive him for his art? Well -- Charles Manson apparently wrote some pretty good songs once upon a time...

[End Update].

OMG, stop the presses, the US DOJ has managed to arrest a fugitive for a crime committed 36 years ago and has made your daughters safer -- except that this man has not repeated his crime since then. And, while these a-holes should have been chasing after bigger criminals still at large in the US, they instead settle on a 76 year-old artist who has otherwise lived an exemplary life.

All the while, they conveniently forget one little detail -- this man's pregnant wife was slaughtered by a truly psychotic man who has been in prison for the last thirty years, and who will probably never get out, and who is on the public enemies list forever, along with Bin Laden, Fidel Castro and Hitler.

Well, two little details. The victim of this crime committed in 1973 has, as an adult, repeatedly begged authorities to just get over it, like she did, and put the matter to rest.

But.. no. The Puritan Dipshits with badges -- proving that all cops are assholes -- can't let go. And so, getting a lucky break, they force the Swiss to arrest Roman Polanski and ship him back to the US and, for what? He didn't kill anyone. His victim has long since said she is not a victim. He himself was victimized in the infamous summer of '69. Can we get our priorities straight?

Want to track down criminals who really killed people and have shown no remorse? Then Dick Cheney should be hauled into prison and indicted yesterday. Or is it okay because he didn't fuck thirteen year old girls, but rather noddingly approved the fucking of twelve year old boys in front of their fathers, all in the name of national security?

Horseshit. Roman Polanski suffered a very public personal tragedy in 1969, went a little nuts in 1973, but has long since been by his victim. That should be the end of story. But it isn't, because a bunch of yahoos with badges who could be doing better thngs aren't. "Ooh -- we caught the old man going to a film festival, and now we're going to haul him back here. Notice us!"

Hip hip hooray, assholes. You're forgetting a few things. One: Mr. Polanski hasn't exactly gone on a teeny-fucking rampage since 1973. Two: He's given us some great films since then. Three: He has had no involvement in the deaths of more than 4,000 US Soldiers, a hundred thousand Iraqis, and the squandering of trillions of dollars. Four: He isn't a war criminal. But there are war criminals still resident in the US, much easier to apprehend, with no extradition required.

Do your real jobs, okay? Leave the expatriate who has repented alone. Focus on the assholes who are still wandering around in America. Bring them to justice. Their victims are not calling out for forgiveness because they cannot -- they're dead. Mr. Polanski's victim is begging you to drop the case. Listen to her, then listen to your conscience. Drop this witch hunt, then turn your resources toward the real criminals.

Hint: You won't find them in France, Poland, or Switzerland. You'll find them in Wyoming, Texas and DC.

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