Friday, June 10, 2005

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid 

This is where zero tolerance horseshit hits its high point -- a graduating senior in College Park, Maryland was denied his diploma because he...
  1. Shot up the cafeteria with an AK-47
  2. Masturbated in class and tossed his semen onto another student's face
  3. Wore a bolo tie during the graduation ceremony.
Well, if you've been paying attention in the era of Zero Tolerance stupidity, you know the answer.

That's right, Thomas Benya, outgoing senior at McDonough High School in the Charles Park school district, just wanted to wear a bolo tie during the graduation ceremony, reflecting his Native American heritage. School officials got pissy, said no, then withheld his diploma, which they will only now give him during a private meeting.

And I cry, "Bullshit." This is the most important thing these morons in charge have to worry about? Some kid wants to wear a tie that a few stuck up white people felt "wasn't a proper tie", and so he doesn't get his diploma? And, "expressing his heritage" issue aside, what the flaming fuck does it matter what a student wears at graduation? Isn't everyone already forced to wear matching caps and gowns? Short of going full-body commando under the gown and then waving the junk at the assembled audience, what the hell is the difference whether a student is wearing a three-piece suit, a mumu, a sweatsuit or a jock strap under there?

Honestly, if the administrassholes hadn't drawn attention to it, I doubt that one person in a hunderd in the audience would even think to themselves, "Hey -- Thomas is wearing a funny tie." And, on top of all that, I love the irony that, in Blue States, Thomas's Native American bolo is more associated with rednecks and line dancing.

According to the news story, the family is considering legal action, as well they should. And they have a nice double approach here. After all, were the girls required to wear regulation ties? But of course not -- because, I'll bet a buck that any girl who had asked to wear a regulation man's necktie at the ceremony would have been rejected because, well, you know, if she did that, it would mean that she's a... (whisper) rug muncher.

Well, enough. If you want to call up the fucktards who run this school and tell them what idiots they're being, here's the publicly available info:

Maurice J. McDonough High School
7165 Marshall Corner Rd, Pomfret, MD 20675
(301) 934-2944

As for Thomas Benya, I'm adding him to my Ajai Raj Legion of Heroes, that collection of young people who convinces me that the fucking Baby Boomers have not succeeded in destroying Gen X, Gen Why and Gen Zed -- that there are still young people around who won't put up with the bullshit, who will take a stand for what is right.

Thomas, Ajai, and others -- fight on, and your Gen X brethren will support you. Ask your "naughty" questions, wear your bolo ties... but don't give in to this crap.

To quote Shakespeare, "Never never never never never."

Heck, crying out "Bull"... calling Shenanigans or whatever it takes for this stupid issues of zero tolerance to occur.
They didn't let him graduate with his class over a damn bolo tie?

When I taught high school, I'd go to work in bolo ties all the time. And I'm sure this kid's tie was far most tasteful than the stuff I dug up--a tiny crab encased in Lucite, etc.

-- Patrick
I went to this high school and let me tell you...Garth Bowling (principal) is an ass. It's like a prison in this high school since he came in. I graduated a couple years ago from there and all this over wearing a bolo tie..doesn't surprise me. Just doesn't surprise me of how immature a principal could be.
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