Friday, September 09, 2005

Ajai Rai Award Winner of the Week 

Dr. Ben Marble, the man behind the "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney" comments heard on CNN.

Marble, whose wife gave birth to their daughter just after Katrina, lost his home and everything he owned in the hurricane, and then was forced to go twenty miles out of his way to get to that ruined home because Big Time Asshole was having a photo op next to what was left of Marble's tennis court. So, Marble did what any angry American can and should do: he invoked his First Amendment rights to petition the government for the redress of grievances.

And it would certainly redress all my grievances if the VP went and fucked himself.

For his trouble, Marble was later (off-camera, natch) confronted and detained by M-16 wielding troops, who finally let him go because he hadn't broken any laws. Although, if that was the case, they should have just stayed away in the first place.

Marble is selling non-mainstream meadiavideo of the incident at eBay, and you can find out more about the hurricane damage here.

Thanks to OpEdNews for the tip.

Ajai Raj is the young man who asked Ann Coulter if, since she was against gay marriage because it wouldn't make babies, she had a problem with straight men who only fucked their wives up the ass. Coulter's head nearly exploded and the rightwing went ballistic because Ajai used a naughty word. But, ultimately, he peeled the hypocrisy of the wingnuts right off in a single sentence, and he will forever be a hero in my eyes. Hence, this award, which will be given when deserved -- those who toss the hypocrisy, lies and bullshit of the conservatives right back in their fat fucking rich white faces, preferably on some sort of live media, or at least with great ripple effect in the blogosphere. And, note to Ajai -- that offer to buy him a beer or a bong, and a stripper of his choice of gender still stands. Dude, if you're ever in LA, drop me a line and I'll show you a good time.

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