Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Today's CNN poll is a bit of bad news for W's Social Security Dog and Pony Revival Tour. To the question "Do you favor President Bush's plan for personal retirement accounts?" the results are 68 to 32% against. I hear the crickets chirping. Of course, if W had the balls to let non-Republican faithful attend his little tent shows and ask questions, he might be able to convince people. Might. Not likely. But if you're only speaking to the already converted, you aren't going to change many minds that disagree, are you?

In other news and/or housecleaning, I'd like to say hello to my Congressional visitor from this morning. I don't know whether it was a staffer or an actual Rep, but they got here from the Airamerica Blog and spent quite a while reading up. Tell your colleagues, send them along, and thanks for visiting.

Also, a big thanks to whoever it was who plugged this blog over at Airamerica and on Al Franken's blog. That sent an interesting spike in traffic this way -- although you still aren't commenting... ahemn. C'mon, I know how opinionated you people can be on other blogs. I've got these nice big empty comment rooms just waiting for all the bloviating and flaming and discussion.

Finally, here's the latest "Strangest Searches to Lead to Here" tracking. In a previous post, I noted how someone searching for "German nudists" wound up at an Abu Ghraib story here, and commented on some of the other... let's call them mis-directed fap-food hunters, who landed here. Now I bring you the latest interesting misdirections... not intentional, mind you.

Well, two interesting searches popped up (so to speak) recently. First, there's the naughty, naughty realtor who looked for "stripped and humiliated" and wound up, again, at the Abu Ghraib article. I guess that booming housing market gives them lots of time to indulge at the office.

And then there's the rather specific searcher in Chicago who looked for "Look ma, no panties." I'm not even going to wonder what thought processes brought him or her to that one, but it landed said searcher in the middle of one of my anti-Coulter screeds, in which I described her thusly:
The point is, she's a no-talent hack who engages in the equivalent of standing on a chair at a formal dinner party and throwing her dress up over her head to yell, "Look ma. No panties." She's not particularly insightful, she is not a pundit. She's nothing but hot air and a bad dye-job. The fact that Time is feeding her ego is just disgusting.
So now I've thrown out the panty bait again. Not to mention the stripped and humiliated bit. Dare I use a phrase like "two hot naked twinks yiffing in the jacuzzi?" I don't know. I'm kind of scared of what searchers that might drag this way. I mean the word "yiffing" alone.

If you don't know it, look it up. Maybe you'll wind up somewhere educational instead. That's the lesson for the day.

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