Sunday, November 08, 2009


I can't wait until the day that the Governator is finally kicked out of office, and don't get me started on the power company conspiracy that unjustly dragged Gray Davis out of office, and led to the biggest clusterfuck of an election ever, with 135 candidates on the ballot. But here we are, the fifth largest economy in the world driven into the ground through deregulation, cronyism, waste and stupidity.

The latest indignity is the slashing of budgets for the state's animal shelters, cutting the hold period from arrival to execution for pets from six days to three. Whoo-hoo, hail the savings. But there's one very simple savings method -- as well as a way to guarantee a budget gets passed on time -- that I haven't seen yet. No surprise, because it would involve putting the pain where it belongs -- not with the people of California, but with the assholes who are supposed to run the place and keep it in the black.

Did I mention that all of us are now going to start paying more in withholding taxes? But, oh no, it's not a tax increase... it's just a "loan", and we'll get it back in April.

Well, fuck that. This is what we need, plain and simple: If there is not a state budget in place, or if the budget runs a deficit, then not a single elected official in the state gets paid. Period. None of the legislature, none of the executive, none of the judiciary. No mayors, no city councils, no judges. No district attorneys, no controllers, no sheriffs. No school boards, nobody who was hired by ballot. Period. If you haven't done your job, you don't get a check.

The savings would be immediate and huge, and the incentive to fix things would be enormous. And it's an answer to the arrogance of a failed legislature that dared to try to pay unemployment benefits with uncashable IOUs.

Step two: adopt the college model to the state budget. We can't trust this to the elected dorks who are the biggest welfare whores of all. In college, everyone paid student fees into a general fund and then, when the new semester started, everyone voted how to allocate that money among the various student groups. This is how the budget in California should be handled. Every November, the voters are given a list. "You have X Billion Dollars, allocate it among the following..." No haggling, no special interests (beyond the interests of the voters, which are the interests of the state), a simple mathematical decision once the votes are in. No negotiation, no bribery... and, if the people are way off in their allocations, then they only have themselves to blame, and will probably learn the next year, unlike the useless shits in suits we now have packed in Sacramento.

In fact, to extend this model a few steps further, it might be the first round in eliminating state government entirely. After all, what have they given us? More and clever ways to take our money and spend it on nothing; more and better ways to oppress us so they can get paid, so they can grease their campaign funders and flush our tax money down the toilet.

California, along with New York, has been one of the bellwether leaders in innovation. This is the innovation I suggest: California should be governed by all Californians. Sure, we've certainly had our fuck-ups (Prop 8, anyone?) but that fuck-up was mostly funded by Mormons -- who would have much less power if the voting was actually handled by the people, instead of the whore monkeys in Sacramento.

So, a modest proposal. As of January 1, 2010, we fire the State Assembly, Senate, Executive and Judiciary. Thereafter, everything is handled online by us. No one leads, so everyone leads, and we will never have to suffer a failed governor or a useless legislature again; will never have to bend over and submit to politicians who are only interested in maintaining their lifestyle while shouting "Let them eat cake!"

Hm. Which brings to mind the guillotine, and the satisfying thunk with every executed shitstain from the aristocracy, who demanded entitlement, but wasn't willing to pay the price.

Time to make those fuckers in Sacramento pay up, isn't it?

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Your Tax Dollars at Shirk 

{Update]: To clarify, do I think that Roman Polanski committed a terrible crime in drugging and raping a teenage girl? Yes. Do I think he should be forgiven because he's made some good movies? Hell no. Do I think it's ridiculous that the US is trying to extradite him for his crimes now? Yes -- but only because his victim has made it clear that whenever he winds up in the news, she does, so any attempts at prosecution only make her the victim all over again.

Polanski has not repeated his crimes, that we know of. Nor has he attempted to return to the US. Sure, we can throw him in jail now, but at the expense of exposing his victim -- and now her children -- to further media scrutiny, in effect raping her and her family again and again.

But forgive him for his art? Well -- Charles Manson apparently wrote some pretty good songs once upon a time...

[End Update].

OMG, stop the presses, the US DOJ has managed to arrest a fugitive for a crime committed 36 years ago and has made your daughters safer -- except that this man has not repeated his crime since then. And, while these a-holes should have been chasing after bigger criminals still at large in the US, they instead settle on a 76 year-old artist who has otherwise lived an exemplary life.

All the while, they conveniently forget one little detail -- this man's pregnant wife was slaughtered by a truly psychotic man who has been in prison for the last thirty years, and who will probably never get out, and who is on the public enemies list forever, along with Bin Laden, Fidel Castro and Hitler.

Well, two little details. The victim of this crime committed in 1973 has, as an adult, repeatedly begged authorities to just get over it, like she did, and put the matter to rest.

But.. no. The Puritan Dipshits with badges -- proving that all cops are assholes -- can't let go. And so, getting a lucky break, they force the Swiss to arrest Roman Polanski and ship him back to the US and, for what? He didn't kill anyone. His victim has long since said she is not a victim. He himself was victimized in the infamous summer of '69. Can we get our priorities straight?

Want to track down criminals who really killed people and have shown no remorse? Then Dick Cheney should be hauled into prison and indicted yesterday. Or is it okay because he didn't fuck thirteen year old girls, but rather noddingly approved the fucking of twelve year old boys in front of their fathers, all in the name of national security?

Horseshit. Roman Polanski suffered a very public personal tragedy in 1969, went a little nuts in 1973, but has long since been by his victim. That should be the end of story. But it isn't, because a bunch of yahoos with badges who could be doing better thngs aren't. "Ooh -- we caught the old man going to a film festival, and now we're going to haul him back here. Notice us!"

Hip hip hooray, assholes. You're forgetting a few things. One: Mr. Polanski hasn't exactly gone on a teeny-fucking rampage since 1973. Two: He's given us some great films since then. Three: He has had no involvement in the deaths of more than 4,000 US Soldiers, a hundred thousand Iraqis, and the squandering of trillions of dollars. Four: He isn't a war criminal. But there are war criminals still resident in the US, much easier to apprehend, with no extradition required.

Do your real jobs, okay? Leave the expatriate who has repented alone. Focus on the assholes who are still wandering around in America. Bring them to justice. Their victims are not calling out for forgiveness because they cannot -- they're dead. Mr. Polanski's victim is begging you to drop the case. Listen to her, then listen to your conscience. Drop this witch hunt, then turn your resources toward the real criminals.

Hint: You won't find them in France, Poland, or Switzerland. You'll find them in Wyoming, Texas and DC.

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Hypocrisy, It Is Strong with Them... 

I'm not sure which pisses me off more -- the screaming whiny racists who have their panties in a major wad because -- gasp! -- the President of the US is going to talk to their kids on Tuesday, or the MSM who is turning this bullshit non-story into, well, a story.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard the meme. President Obama is going to address school children nationwide on Tuesday, encouraging them to stay in school and get an education. And a bunch of rightwing racists assholes have kicked and screamed and whined, claiming that this is Communist Indoctrination, and "NOT MY KIDS", and the media has deigned to grant legitimacy to this total horseshit.

And... the hypocrisy is thick in the air. Where were these people when Ronald Reagan addressed school kids? (I was a "victim" of this in elementary school.) Where were they when W read "My Pet Goat" to school children... oh, that's right, as 9/11 was happening? Hell, where were they when the Presidential Commission on Physical Fitness forced generations of kids to run around the playground, do pull-ups and feel useless because the four jocks on campus skewed the shit out of the bell-curve? Thank JFK, LBJ and Nixon for that one.

And... weren't these the same people who screamed to the high heavens that any criticism of the president (from 9/11/01 to 1/19/09 inclusive) was treason?

There are two simple solutions to this bullshit. First, the MSM needs to ignore these whining bigots, or at least point out the contradictions above at every turn. Second, the rest of us need to point out that, well, they are in fact racist assholes, astroturfing outrage when none is deserved.

Once upon a time in America, it was considered an honor when the president spoke to you, no matter who the president was. That was the rule from Washington to Bush I. Somehow, the rules changed with Clinton -- but only because the neo-cons did almost as much to damage the office of president in the 90s as Nixon did in his two terms, the only difference being that Nixon did it himself, while Clinton had it done to him.

Well, welcome to 2009, when a bunch of racist assholes conveniently manage to call any criticism of their fascism racism (blind morans) and attack our duly elected president with inacurate lables of facism or commuism. The same people who wanted to hang the people who criticized W are conveniently ignoring their old rules, and are applying their new.

And it's time for the Media and the People to call "Bullshit." The President of the United States wants to talk to the children on Tuesday. Not so very long ago, all good patriots would encourage their children to listen to the president. The only reason old, rich white people are complaining now is... well... President Obama is not old, not rich and not...

Ssssh. White. And this manufactured tempest in a teapot is just the last gasp of racism, of the scared white people whose greatest fear is that people with darker skin than theirs might actually have something to say, and these racist douchebags can all go fuck themselves. If Saint Reagan was good enough to shovel his propaganda down the throats of children of a generation ago, Saint Obama is good enough to tell the current generation to stay in school. It isn't about the person, or shouldn't be, if you're a good American. It's about the Constitution and the Office of the President and Our Country.

If you oppose the president, after all, you are a terrorist. And all of you whining assholes don't want to be labelled as terrorists, right?


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Monday, August 03, 2009

The Entitled Generation 

I don't know whether this story is terrifying or laughable, but here it is in a nutshell: an April 2009 grad of New York's Monroe College is suing her alma mater for her tuition costs of $70,000 plus $2,000 for stress because... they haven't gotten her employed yet.

Read that again. Student graduates, three months later she isn't working in her dream job, so she wants, basically, a full refund.

Did I mention that the litigant, Trina Thompson of the Bronx, is 27? Now I don't know whether anyone explained it to her, but that's strike one and is no fault of the university's. I've been involved in some hiring and recruiting in my day, and when a résumé comes along showing that someone received their first undergraduate degree five years after most people generally get it, my first question is "Why?" Now, if they were in the military or the Peace Corps, or working to save up to pay for school or doing something similar in their early twenties, that's one thing. But if they've been to five or six schools, changed majors several times, or just couldn't be arsed to go to college for five years after high school, then that résumé is going in the trash.

But perhaps the most telling line in the story is this one:
As Thompson sees it, any reasonable employer would pounce on an applicant with her academic credentials, which include a 2.7 grade-point average and a solid attendance record.
Blink. Blink. I'm sorry. What?

Last I checked, a 2.7 GPA was a C+ student -- barely passing, doing just better than average work. In other words, a crappy student. And, as a recruiter, I'm supposed to stand on my head and shit nickels? I don't think so.

But it gets better. Oh, it gets better...
(Thompson) suggested that Monroe's Office of Career Advancement shows preferential treatment to students with excellent grades. "They favor more toward students that got a 4.0. They help them more out with the job placement..."
(Mangled grammar of that statement aside...) Well, which part of "duh" don't you understand, Ms. Thompson? Of course they do. That's how the real world works. The people who work hard in college and get 4.0 GPAs have earned the right to get in front of your slacker ass in the job reward line because they've proven what they can do. And, by the way, "solid" attendance works against you with a 2.7 GPA. I'd be more impressed by a 4.0 student who missed half their classes. Why? Because, while you were apparently there all of the time, you were only getting half the information. That means, as an employee, you'd be twice as much work for me, so... thanks, but no thanks.

There's one other bit that Little Miss Give Me What I Don't Deserve doesn't realize, though, and it's this: if she's found it hard to find a job in the last three months (during the slow summer hiring season, no less), she'll find it all but impossible now, because every single employer she goes to is going to google her name and find out that she's the type of person who will whine and stamp her feet when she isn't handed what she wants on a silver platter, then run to the courts to sue. Quoth Ms. Thompson:
"It doesn't make any sense: They went to school for four years, and then they come out working at McDonald's and Payless. That's not what they planned."
But get used to it, Ms. Thompson. The world does not owe you a living. You have to earn it. Then again, you'll probably sue the judge who takes one look at your suit and laughs your sorry ass out of the courtroom. The same judge who probably graduated law school at 25 with at least a 3.9 GPA and passed the bar on the first try. And who doesn't scream "It's not fair!" when they don't get what they haven't earned.

One other note for Ms. Whiny: I graduated from college summa cum laude -- that's fancy Latin for really high GPA. I did it at 22, on schedule. I didn't have some college employee pimping me out for work, and it took two years to find my first job related to my degree. For those two years, I kept the same job I had senior year in college. Did I whine and bitch and moan? No. I worked hard for my employer, kept my eyes out for opportunities, then grabbed the first one that came along.

And, by the way, "the first one that came along" was not a corner office with a view. No... it was the IT equivalent of writing out trouble tickets from help desk calls, then passing them along to the qualified techs. It took another two years to move from that to the corner office spot -- which I achieved, I might add, ahead of a bunch of "C" employees, because I kept up the "A" work.

So, sorry you're unemployable, Ms. Thompson. But I can tell from reading this article that it has nothing to do with your school, and everythng to do with yourself. When you learn to not blame others for your failings, then maybe you can join the adult world with the rest of us. Otherwise, you just show yourself to be a whiny little bitch who's not good enough to flip fries at an off-brand burger joint.

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

An Open Letter to the Governator 

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

Thank you for completely breaking my home state. The only honorable action now is for you to resign, and invite the legislature to go with you. Taxing us to death will not help. Punitively cutting services will not help. We need to hit the "Reset" button and start over. Re-"elect" state government the same way they chose juries (random people could not do a worse job than we've seen), call a new Constitutional Convention to fix the laws under which we live; in short -- desperate times call for daring measures. California will either become the bellwether for a dying, bankrupt nation, or a new model for something different -- not Democracy and not a Republic, but something in between and better.

To put it in terms that you (and I) might understand better as film people -- it's the end of the second act, the hero has just had his ass handed to him by the villain, and it looks like there is no hope at all. This is when a real hero breaks the rules. This is the time when a soft revolution may free us from the corporate elite, the lobbyists and the special interests. You cannot run for governor again by state law, so have nothing to lose. But you have everything to win if you fight on the side of the People of this state, and not on the side of those who are trying to strangle us for profit.

The keys to saving California are:

1) Bring back manufacturing by providing strong tax breaks to industries that provide local jobs, and penalizing heavily those that outsource overseas or out of state.
2) Bring back consumer spending by providing huge cuts to sales and income tax, and encouraging spending by increasing deductions for basic human needs like rent, food, health care and clothing.
3) Reign in non-manufacturing industries by heavily regulating and taxing the financial industry, and all those who profit by the sale and re-sale of money, or through usurious credit rates.
4) Improve education by increasing teacher salaries while eliminating administrative positions.
5) Legalize marijuana for adults under the same rules as alcohol, license California farmers to grow and distribute, then tax at a rate which will be substantial, but still keep the price below current illegal street prices -- immediate result, drug income for gangs eliminated. Long term result, new tax revenues for the state.
6) Release all state prisoners who have been incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses; establish job training/re-entry programs for same. Net result, lower prison costs, new pool of employees. Combine with incentives for manufacturers to hire them for maximum benefit.
7) Eliminate the initiative process and call a moratorium on all bond measures on the ballot for thirty years or until all outstanding bonds are paid off, whichever comes later. Net result: fewer costly court battles over stupid initiatives; state debt paid down before more debt is assumed.
8) No tax, fee or fine of any kind can be increased without a 2/3rds vote of the entire population of the state. This includes any local tax increases, county taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, or increases in government fees or civil fines. The legislature has no authority to impose any tax, fee or fine increases whatsoever.
9) Tie salaries of all elected officials to average per capita income for their jurisdiction -- counting unemployed, but excluding dependents and retired -- plus 25%. The only way officials can get a salary increase is by increasing the average income in their jurisdiction, but their salaries go down when per capita income in their district goes down.
10) Property taxes are only due while equity in a property is negative. As soon as a home or land owner has paid off their property, they owe no taxes. Net result: this will keep retirees and established businesses in the state, since they will have no incentive to sell off and leave.
10) Establish a statewide "vote of no confidence", to be conducted via a tamper-proof, one vote per person online system. Said vote can be called at any time, for any elected official, and functions as an instant recall.
11) Minimum wage will be recalculated annually, based on the cost of living in the most expensive county in the state, plus $ 500 per month kept as savings.
12) Net result of all of the above -- California may once again become an attractive place to live. Net immigration and added tax revenue may offset reductions.
If you'd like to explain to me why you think you can't perform any of the above actions, please do so -- but I don't think you honestly can, unless you admit that you are just a tool, and useless, and not worthy of your office.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A California Parable 

I don't know how to pound the truth into the California legislature's heads, other than to impeach them all, but trying to draw a parable to the working class -- of whom they have no understanding whatsoever -- might at least sell my argument to the rest of the world.

In short, it's this: you work in California, imagine it's a minimum wage job. The state minimum wage is $ 8.00 -- $ 320.00 a week, $ 16,640.00 per year. Okay, in real life, no one could live on that, but let's imagine you can. You can pay the rent, the utilities, insurance, and food, but no more.

You do your job every day, show up nine to five -- but nor more nor less, and take every vacation day imaginable.

Then, one day, you decide that you're not making enough for the work you do. You go to your boss and demand a raise. Your boss refuses, but you figure "Screw it." So -- you take out credit cards. Many, many credit cards. You buy expensive shiat, you act like you make $ 50K a year, you live high on the hog...

And then -- the credit card bills come due. And while your putative salary is only $ 16,640.00 per year, your debt is $ 150,000 and growing. What do you do? Well, you march into your boss's office, hold them at knife point, until they have no choice but to turn over their salary, sell their office furniture and do whatever they can to help you maintain your life-style.

Pretty ridiculous, isn't it? Except that -- this is exactly what the State Government of California is trying to do to you, and you have to remember one thing: They have the roles of Boss and Employer exactly backwards.

Let's look at that scenario again...

You're elected to the state legislature, and the budget via property taxes is limited by Proposition 13, or "minimum wage." You mange to live on that, paying social services, insurance, unemployment, and not much more. This is called breaking even.

Then, one day, you decide that the Sacramento Fat Cats are not making enough for the minimum work you do. You go to the people and demand a raise, via higher taxes. Their repsponse is "Up yours." But you figure "Screw it." You take out loans, issue bonds -- many, many bonds. You buy expensive shiat (which only benefits yourself and not your boss), you act like you make $ 50 billion a year, you live high on the hog...

And then -- the bonds come due. And while your budget is technically one amount, your debt is ten times that amount, and growing. What do you do? Well, you tell the people, "Hey, guess what? You poor saps have to pay for all of this."

Well, us poor saps have had enough. Just like capitalistic bosses would have sacked the asses of underlings who had the nerve to ask them to sell the office furniture to pay for their HDTVs, the voters of California should take up arms and instantly un-employee all the assholes in Sacramento.

It's really simple. You were given a minimum wage via Prop 13. You've failed to live within your means. You belong on the streets, homeless, all your credit cards cancelled and cut up by your parents -- We, the People, who never really approved them. Or, if we did approve them, never approved the expenses, because you lied to us, you annoying zit-faced teens.

Time for California to grow up. Ahnuld? Boxy? Feisty? Waxy? Sorry -- you've failed. Fall on your swords now, or be pushed on them next November. The four of you have destoyed this state for your own gain. None of you deserve to ever hold high office again -- and will be lucky to get out of the offices you hold alive -- and should only have to live on $ 8.00 an hour for the rest of your sorry ass lives.

California is best governed by Californians, as crazy as Nebraska thinks we are. Three months ago, President Obama was ready to hold us up as a standard for green energy. Today? Hell, even Texas is laughing.

And even Iowa. How the hell did we inherit Bush's Extreme Court? California has overturned Same-Sex Marriage. Which is time to reboot. California is not Kansas. But the shithead powers in Sacramento have made sure we have been since at least 1990.

Tar and pitchforks over here. Gavin Newsom to the statehouse. Everyone else -- go to hell.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reimagining California 

It's time for us to take a cue from Hollywood, as tired and bankrupt of ideas as they are, and it's this. Time to "reimagine" the entire state government. Dump, as in recall or impeach, the Governor, the Senators, the Legislature and the Supreme Court. Turn their sorry asses out of office, and replace them with better casting. The Governator has failed and fallen to B-List Status, flailing at bad ideas -- like cutting state employee pay -- rather than finding good ideas, like cutting elected official pay to the purported one dollar per year that he takes. Time to dump Boxer and Feinstein, the former a cheerleader for irrelevant ideas who doesn't get the big picture, the latter a cheerleader for herself who doesn't get anything more than "I was there when Harvey Milk was killed, so love me liberals." Mouth, money, is...?

Follow that up by dumping the six Supremes who not only reversed themselves badly, but violated the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution and raped the California Constitution, all in one wimp-ass, stupid opinion. The lone dissenter (Hm... a latina, kudos to President Obama for maybe being onto something there) promoted to Chief Justice. As for the House? Make them all justify their jobs in a referendum for re-election now.

Call it California 2.0 or Golden State Revisited or... whatever Hollywood marketing wonks come up with. But, most of all, call it this -- the elected officials in this state have screwed the pooch big time, and deserve to be kicked to the curb. Well, actually, they deserve a good old tar and feathering and riding out of town on a rail, if not just lynching. But, from Ahnold on down, there is something rotten in Sacramento, and the only way to fix it is to dump the whole damn bunch, then replace them. And doing it the same way they assign jurors would not be a bad idea at all.

So, here's an initiatve for our next election: Every elected state official is hereby removed from office. Replacements shall be selected from among all adults within the state who are currently registered to vote, have registered a car, or have a driver's license, by random drawing. Passage of this ammendment also remove the ability of the State Constitution to be ammended by anything less than a 2/3rds vote of the legislature, and any new taxes or fees can only be imposed after a 3/4ths vote of the public. Finally, salaries of elected officials are limited to two times the average gross income of residents in their jurisdiction, with raises or decreases determined by an impartial determination of the average, and never subject to vote, ever again.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Supreme Court Injustice 

Let the impeachment proceedings begin against the six California Supreme Court Justices who today caved in and betrayed the Constitution. Not a one of the six deserves the title "Justice", but rather should be branded an "Injustice". Worse still, in bending over backwards to kiss the ass of the religiously insane minority that foisted Proposition 8 on California, they have reversed themsevles and their previous decision, and deserve to be tarred, feathered and run out of the state on a rail.

Their opinion does not adhere to any apparent logic at all. They overturned California's previously passed by initiative ban on same-sex marriage, and any sane person would have taken that to mean that such initiatives could not stand again. On top of that, their ruling is contradictory -- they uphold a law that says "Only marriages between a man and a woman shall be recognized in California", and yet say that 18,000 same-sex marriages performed in the state are valid. They can't have it both ways. By keeping those marriages intact, they defy the law they uphold. They are having their cake and eating it, too. But, honestly, they can all just eat me.

It's time to sharpen the pitchforks, march on the halls of power and demand the ouster of these fuckers. If the power companies could force an initiative recalling Grey Davis simply because he pissed them off; if the Mormons could meddle in our state politics to pass Prop 8 -- then the rest of us can play the same. Step one: impeach the six Supreme Court Injustices who stuck their heads way up their asses today. Step two: demand that The Governator replace them with justices who support equal rights for all, or elect Gavin Newsom as his replacement next year. Step three: take action, take to the streets, remind these assholes that the sole source of their power is the approval of the "majority" they claim to support. Step four: If your rights were infringed today, tell the State to fuck off when they want your money. No Rights? No Taxes. Step five: The sane areas of California -- mostly the coastal cities from San Diego to San Francisco -- secede. The farmers and rednecks and idiots inland can go make their own state, and we can become El Dorado. But, guess what? The coastal strip will become the world's fifth largest economy upon creation. The dirt flats and strip malls and truck stops inland -- you get to be the western white trash trailer livin' inbred banjo-playing homeland, and will probably become the welfare capital of the US in a year. But hey, that's your reward for being tiny minded assholes who are so totally terrified of catching teh ghey just because someone says it's okay.

Well -- fuck you. Fuck all y'all. And fuck 6/7ths of the California Supreme Court. This is war, and the right side is going to win, hands down.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Attention Whores 

Okay. Enough of this Miss California pageant bullshit. Carrie Prejean should have been dumped as soon as she expressed her bigoted opinions, and definitely should have been dumped once it was revealed she breached he contract by concealing the existence of revealing pix and spent time spouting off against same sex marriage when she should have been working for the pageant. There are only two reasons Donald "Irrelevant in the 80s" Trump kept her on. 1) He's thinking with the little Trump Tower; 2) He knows that this scandal will keep his sorry ass in the news for weeks.

As Miss California, Carrie Prejean is supposed to represent the state.
She pretty much proved herself to be on the side of the ignorant farm county bigots when she opened her yap, and moreso when she found it more important to work anti Same-Sex Marriage rallies, instead of appearing at contractually required Beauty Pageant events. This story should have been over weeks ago, but unfortunately Trump, the ultimate Attention Whore, has decided to keep the wound open.

Well, here's my response to Trump and Prejean: You're Fired. Get the hell out of the media, slink on back to your conservative cave somewhere deep beneath the Times Square Subway Stations, and never be heard from again. We really have more important shit to worry about than some has-been, toupeed, Ponzi-scheming New York asshole and a mindless blonde haired fundie spewing bimbo whose only qualification is "Look at my tits!"

Note to the so-called mainstream media -- if you want to end your slide into irrelevance, you'll ignore stories like this, and get back to the important stuff, like what did Nancy Pelosi know about torture and when, will we try the war criminals of the past administration, will Dick Cheney get the Mussolini treatment?

Anything else is irrelevant and pointless, and I feel dirty just having to blog about it. Carrie Prejean belongs in a trailer park in Arkansas, and Donald Trump deserves to be Oprah's bitch boy on a regular Wednesday Segment between her hyping new age bullshit artist Dr. Oz and clueless shit stain Jenny McCarthy.

in a just universe, most of the above mentioned people would be unknowns. in a just universe, Barack Obama would have been elected president at the first possible opportunity, in 1996.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Meanwhile, In a Parallel Universe... 

To the Family Cheney -- Go fuck yourselves. While Shrubya was in office, Whistle Dick saw fit to hide out in an undisclosed location. Now that he's a private citizen again, he can't help but mouth off uselessly. Unfortunately, his daughter seems to have grown a pair, and is also now spewing nonsense into the universe. To wit:

In an interview on Fox News, the daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney sharply criticized the new administration for agreeing to release photographs depicting alleged abuses at U.S. prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan during the Bush administration.

"I think it is really appalling that the administration is taking this step," she said in the interview. "Clearly what they are doing is releasing images that show American military men and woman in a very negative light."

Oh, really? So, Liz, dear -- where the hell were you when the first body bags came rolling back from Iraq? Where were you while these same soldiers you pretend to care so much about were being killed for nothing? Hiding in daddy's bunker? Or partying with the Bush twins?

At least be honest, and state your argument this way: "Obama is revealing the truth and making my daddy look like the total amoral asshole he is, and might even land his ass on trial for war crimes, for which he deserves to be tried."

That one I'd accept. Hey, a nearly 90 year old man was just extradited from the US to Germany to be tried for war crimes alleged to have been committed sixty years ago. Why should your daddy get a pass?

He shouldn't. And President Obama is not casting the American Military in a negative light, you ignorant cow. He is shining the light of truth on your father and his partner in crime -- both of whom should be tried, convicted and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

So -- tell the truth, or shut up and go away. But enough of this NeoCon clutching at straws. Your party is over, your movement is dead, and your former leaders should all go the way of the Nuremberg Defendants. Ooh -- so that makes the US Military look bad? That was because they were only following orders from your Nazi asshole father.

Hey, here's an idea. Tell him to go duck hunting with some of his middle-eastern pals, like Osama bin Laden. Or, like most of America would like to, tell him to go right to hell.

Here's to no one named Cheney or Bush ever being electable to any office ever again.

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Saturday, May 09, 2009


If anyone had any doubts, President Obama's performance at tonight's White House Correspondents dinner should put them to rest. In this clip, it's quite obvious that he's light years beyond W's lame "Oh -- are the weapons of mass destruction here?" and even surpasses Bill Clinton's brilliant "Final Days" video of 1999.

Simply put, after a hundred plus days, President Obama still has it. He is JFK, FDR and Lincoln rolled into one -- a man with a sense of humor about himself, willing to joke about his shortcomings, while showing his real strength in humility.

We rolled the dice and hoped for a savior last November. Six months later... yeah, I think we won on that gamble.

Don't listen to the whining Limbaugh minority. For the first time in a long time, we have a president who totally gets it. Now shut up, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cue the Supremes 

I really only have one response to this ridiculous Supreme Court decision regarding "indecent" language on TV.

Go fuck yourselves.

End of discussion.

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Clinton's Penis Flies Again 

So... Air Force One flies over New York and Mayor Bloomberg gets his panties in a twist and this is news... why? While a possibly ill-advised move by Director of the White House Military office Louis Caldera, what Mayor Pissy Pants fails to mention is that the NYPD and an un-named City official were informed of the photo op before the fact. The failure to pass that information along to the Mayor, therefore, is the fault of his own people, and not of the Obama White House. indeed, President Obama was not privvy to the mission and was royally pissed himself when he heard about it.

But, short version -- the failed Neocons are playing the clutching at straws game here. Ooh -- a well marked and very recognizable aircraft flew around New York City. Booga booga.

Anyone want to address the more important question -- as in, human beings were tortured under the aegis of the Bush-Cheney administration, in violation of international law? If Mayor Bloomberg were anything but a partisan hack, he'd have his tampon in a twist over that, and be howling for the blood of the War Criminals who recently occupied the White House. His feigned offense over this incident just paints him as another NeoCon asshole, and this insincere Obama-bashing is just a repeat of the Mantra of the 90s -- "B-b-b-ut... Clinton's Penis!"

Stop your obsession with the Presidential cock, you morans. If you were real patriots, you would be helping this new Administration fix all the shit that happened to this country from January 2001 to January 2009. But, hey -- that would require you to act like grown-ups.

Ooh -- scary plane. Pardon me while I shit myself.

Get the fuck over it already. If New York City's own officials had done their job, they would have spared Mayor DoomAndGloomberg the opportunity to take a big dump and then gloat about it. If anyone needs to be spanked over this incident, it's the Chief of the NYPD.

After all, Obama's plane didn't take out any buildings. That's a lot more than can be said of the Bush/Cheney express of 2001.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hope for Humanity... 

I am no big fan of reality shows, but Susan Boyle is the right person at the right time... not attractive by conventional means, laughed at initially by her audience, but the second she opened her mouth, she showed us the true beauty of humanity. With pure passion and raw talent, she is a living example of the true potential, and the true inner beauty, of our species. By the shallow counts of mass media humanity, she's a loser. Over 40, a virgin, not attractive... a reject in most shallow estimations. And yet -- not one note out of her mouth, and she won over the audience and judges of Britain's Got Talent. And she's no fluke. Witness her a capella performance on Larry King Live: Wow.

Susan Boyle will live on in history. This woman has talent, guts and no fear, and should be an inspiration to us all. She is truly a Secular Saint -- someone who, by refusing to adhere to society's standards in pursuit of her dream, has achieved her dream already.

Normally, I would dismiss realty show stars. In this case I can't. Susan Boyle will have as big an effect on history as Gandhi or Mother Teresa. She is a living example of the little people grabbing power by the nose and saying, "Hey, guess what? We are the ones you should pay attention to." And how appropriate that her debut to the world would be a song from a musical based on the French Revolution. It's just about French Revolution time again, and Susan Boyle has unintentionally fired the opening shot over the bow of the mainstream media.

She has touched us all, and those of us with hearts will follow. Our hearts will go on. This decade has found its muse in an unlikely place -- in a commoner with heart, talent and passion.

Susan Boyle -- you are a winner. Period. Our hats are off to you.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Bad Science Alert 

While I find some of Mike Rivero's political reporting at whatreallyhappened.com useful, he does often twirl off into tinfoil hat land, and I won't forgive him for turning against President Obama on January 21, 2009. However, there's one subject he seems to be dogmatic on -- and wrong -- and that is the origin of the universe. He's definitely in crackpot science land on all of his arguments as to why the Big Bang never happened, but he pulled a particularly heinous bad science error in a recent posting.

The bad bit of science he relies on in this posting follows:

Our Solar System and planets have heavy elements (without which you would not be here) because at some time prior to the creation of our Solar System another star in the immediate vicinity exploded, creating the heavy elements and scattering them into the universe.
He then uses this to claim that the Big Bang could not have happened because all heavy elements are created by super nova, the Big Bang was just a giant super nova, but the early universe lacked heavy elements -- ergo, the Big Bang never happened.

The problem is, he's dead wrong when he claims that super novae create the heavy elements. In fact, super novae occur because a star has finished synthesizing the heavy elements. The physics are complicated, but the short version is this: the first stars were pure hydrogen. Along with helium, those were the heaviest elements created in the primordial universe. The helium didn't do much by way of forming stars, but the hydrogen did, collapsing from clouds into incredibly massive, hot and fast-burning stars that immediately began to fuse hydrogen into helium. This fusion created heat and energy, which counteracted the tendency of the star to collapse under the force of gravity, keeping the thing alive. Eventually, when enough helium was created, the force of gravity began to fuse the helium into carbon, then the carbon into neon, the neon into oxygen, then finally the oxygen into silicon. Each step of the way, the fusion process released energy and counteracted gravity.

However, after silicon, the star would begin to create iron by fusion, and this is critical because the creation of iron by fusion does not release energy. At this point, gravity begins to take over because the pressure of the fusion reaction is not enough to push against it. The outside of the star collapses rapidly, in effect behaving like one gigantic fusion (or "hydrogen") bomb. In the resulting explosion, the outer layers are blown off. This creates a nebula of gas and heavy elements, but the heavy elements have taken a few million years to be created within the star.

Ooh. Real science. If Rivero had really done his homework, he would understand why a Big Bang, which is an outward explosion from nothing, is not the same as a super nova, which is the sudden explosion and implosion of an element factory. When you understand how stars work, his argument blows apart like Eta Carinae.

Political bloggers should not dabble in science, unless they know science. This is ironic, because Rivero has alluded to working for NASA in the past -- but he was obviously not an astrophysicist. It's also a shame because, while he preaches against people blindly drinking the KoolAid and accepting dogma, on this particular issue he is blind to his to his own prejudices.

All evidence points to a singularity that exploded to create this universe. We don't know the causes or conditions much earlier than about first 10^-43 seconds after it happened, but what we know after that time pretty much indicates that, yeah -- Big Bang.

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